Aussie Rangers

Running Time

5 x 8 min series for ABC Indigenous iView and YouTube


Kelli Cross: Director Joel Gray, Matt Lovkis, Perun Bonser and Shakara Walley: Writers


Shakara Walley
Melissa Kelly


Jon Bell - Wally
Shareena Clanton - Regina
Calen Tassone - Francis
Lisa Flanagan - Carol
Igor Sas - Trevor


AUSSIE RANGERS is a workplace comedy/drama web-series about loyalty, love and legacy and what we are willing to go through to save all three. Set amongst the vast, rich woodlands of modern day Western Australia,  WALLY – the leader of a group of mismatched national park staff, must rally his troops in order to preserve their park and ranger station from merging with a rival park. Warning : Quokkacoots Ahead Next 5 KMS.